Chamber Student of the Month

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The Citrus Heights Chamber’s Education Committee honored Connor Snow, seventh grade student at Lichen K-8, as the November 2015 Student of the Month. The award was presented at the Chamber’s November 10th luncheon at Northridge Country Club.

Connor Snow is the epitome of a model student. He is the type of student every teacher dreams of having in their classes. He is strong, honest, kind, and helps his struggling peers with not only academics, but with their life choices. One will never see him without a smile on his face. He initiates change in both social and academic areas. Connor is the top student in his seventh grade class, however, he would be the last person to brag about his top honors.

One of Connor’s most endearing attributes is that he is personally and deeply committed to equality for all. He aspires to be a computer scientist and is a leader in classroom technology and support. Teachers and students come to Connor when they are having technology issues and need help solving complex computer problems. In order to attain his future goal, Connor diligently works outside of school to teach himself coding.

Connor is wise beyond his years with a gentle soul. Without reservation, he was the first student his teachers, administrators, and school counselor unanimously choose for this prestigious honor.

Lunches for the student and guests are sponsored by local businesses. Many thanks to our Student of the Month lunch sponsor Atlas Disposal, courtesy of Robin Stuhr. And thanks also to B-West Marketing Group for providing a special t-shirt for the Student of the Month.

Source: Submitted by Connor’s teachers, Natalie Billo and Teresa Burke; Rosa Umbach