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My Year as Mayor

  |  Commentary by Sue Frost
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Folsom Marine Corp Color Guard with “Gold Star Father” Mike Anderson (center) and Commander Paul Reyes, American Legion Post 637 (third from left). Photo by Elise Spleiss

Citrus Heights Water District Ad
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Those working on the “We Support our Police” campaign have been tirelessly gathering signatures from businesses and residents throughout the month of October. To date, over 600 signatures have been collected in support of the Citrus Heights police. Photo by Elise Spleiss

After joining the Citrus Heights City Council in December 2012, I quickly began to understand the complexity of managing taxpayer dollars and delivering City services. Citrus Heights is blessed to have a very competent City Manager who has built a highly qualified team of individuals who do an amazing job for all of us. I also have come to realize that community organizations play an extremely important role in defining cultural norms, enhancing community and economic development, and they also are the critical link to services that government cannot and should not always deliver.

I was honored to be appointed Mayor by my peers from December 2014 to December 2015. During my year as Mayor, I set out to support residents and business owners and to reach across political boundaries to tackle tough issues. It was an amazing year and I want to thank all the businesses and resident leaders who answered the call to action and helped me accomplish my aggressive goals. As 2015 Mayor, I raised over $46,000 from regional and local businesses to host three events and assist community organizations.

Regional Leadership Council—Over 250 policymakers and business owners gathered at the Community Center in May 2015. Mayor Kevin Johnson was keynote speaker and there were panel discussions featuring policy-makers from the six-county region to discuss “How Policy Decisions Impact the Local Economy.” Business owners were delighted to be a part of the discussion and all present forged lasting relationships that crossed political boundaries that extended to the entire region.

Community Leadership Conference—Fourteen local community leaders responded to my call and formed a committee to find ways to energize and empower our local nonprofits. They hosted an amazing day of learning that brought top CEOs from all over California to share their secrets on how to create a budget, sustainable and creative fundraising, how to grow your membership, and how to get the right volunteer in the right position. Over 170 people attended and over 120 nonprofits were represented at the Citrus Heights Community Center in September 2015. Many of the attendees were able to collaborate with other nonprofits and found new ways to tackle challenges and accomplish their mission.

“We Support Vets” Battle of the Bands and Barbecues—The Citrus Heights American Legion Post 637 hosted an event to raise money for their Vets Helping Vets Fund. It was a relaxing day under the trees at the Historic Rusch Home in October 2015. $15 paid for an all-day ticket to enjoy BBQ, food, drinks, entertainment, and fun activities. Veterans raised thousands of dollars and plan to host the same event at the same location on October 1st, 2016.

These three events resulted in funds invested directly back into our City and an inspired sense of "Yes We Can!" We can do so much if we just work together as a community!

  • GFWC-Citrus Heights Women’s Club is forming new Juniorette Women’s Clubs at San Juan High School, Mesa Verde High School, Del Campo High School, and Sylvan Middle School. Their mission is to build and promote leadership and empower our young women leaders of tomorrow.
  • Project Lifesaver received funds to help them find family members who cannot find their way home. Their goal is to equip helicopters so they can broaden their search to five miles and expand services to other areas in the region.
  • Veterans Community Center received funds to help them finish their ADA upgrades in their Community Center. They assist veterans with post-traumatic stress and help vets connect to disabled services. They provide a welcoming community where veterans and their families can gather.
  • San Juan High School Living Transition Program received funds to help buy food for students who are classified as homeless (staying in cars, with friends, in temporary housing or transitioning). The high schools try to have food on hand for these students who are courageously continuing their education in spite of their challenging life.
  • Youth for Christ Ministries recieved funds to support their after-school program at the City Live Sayonara Center in Citrus Heights. Their program invites kids from a very challenged community to spend their afternoons in a safe, drug-free, violence-free place. It's a place to focus on homework, eat a healthy snack, and most of all, to be cared for.

As the year wound to a close, an amazing thing happened and the Citizens of Citrus Heights launched a “We Support our Police” campaign. We were the first City in the Nation to publically support our police and I was delighted to help with the effort. The funds raised during their campaign were donated to the Police Activities League.

It has been a great privilege to serve on the Citrus Heights City Council and I am looking forward to a great 2016.

By now you may be aware that I am running for County Supervisor in 2016. After considerable thought and an announcement that Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan will not be running in the 2016 race, I decided to run for her seat. Supervisor MacGlashan has done a great job and I hope to follow in her footsteps by fighting for responsible budgets, supporting law enforcement, and promoting common-sense government.

My Top Priorities:

Public Safety—Ensure our first responders have the resources to stay safe while protecting our families, businesses, and our way of life.

Fiscal Responsibility—Fight for responsible budget management.

Jobs—Support entrepreneurs and job creation across political boundaries.

Infrastructure—Connect job centers, prudently invest in infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion, encourage interconnecting bike and walking paths, focus on public transportation that people will use, and fix potholes.

Personal Liberty—Protect and defend personal liberties and promote transparent and accountable government.

Reduce Homelessness—Non-profits tackle problems that affect our most vulnerable. We need to help them help us. Government cannot do it all.

Support Veterans—Connect veterans to benefits and resources they have earned.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the residents of Citrus Heights. I look forward to continuing my service to our community as County Supervisor for District 4.

I hope you had a blessed Holiday Season and wish you good heath, happy moments, and true prosperity in 2016 and beyond!


Sue Frost

Former Mayor—City of Citrus Heights