Get Notifications if Disaster Strikes

Sacramento, CA  |  Source: Jason Russo, Citrus Heights Police Department
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Register for the Regional Mass Notification System and be a Part of a Regional Test on October 26

As part of Flood Preparedness Week, residents are urged to prepare for a natural or human-caused disaster - events that often occur with little to no warning. Register with the mass notification system at any one of the following three URL’s:, or now so public safety officials can call, text or email you in the event of a disaster.

Consider the state’s historic drought causing elevated wildfire danger, or winter storms and the many levees surrounding our urban core. Both wildfires and flooding can occur rapidly, sometimes forcing evacuations, shelter in place orders and/or road closures. The regional mass notification system is a critical link for residents to immediately learn of any required actions, such as evacuating their homes during an imminent fire.

Sign up for alerts at either, or - it’s easy and your information is protected. Officials will only text during an emergency or public safety event, or if public help is needed to find a missing child or adult.

On Oct. 26, 2016, there will be a tri-county test of the emergency notification system. Anyone registered with the system in any of the three counties will receive a notification via cell, landline, or email to test the system. This is the first regional test of the system and will include the unincorporated areas, 11 participating cities, and Tribal partners throughout all three counties.

The distinctive feature of the mass notification system is the ability to register more than one contact method including cell phones, alternate numbers, text, email and even landlines. You choose the best notification method or chose them all. You can also register multiple locations, such as your work address, your parent’s address or your children’s school, in order to get alerts about the places that mean the most to you.

Do your part to prepare for emergencies by registering for the mass notification system. Register your phone numbers and e-mail addresses to be a part of the regional test occurring October 26.

For more information or to register alternate phone numbers or e-mail addresses, visit, or