CHPD Targets Human Trafficking in Multi Agency Operation

Citrus Heights, CA (MPG)  |  Source: Citrus Heights Police Department
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Citrus Heights Police Officers and Detectives conducted multiple sting operations last week as part of the 3rd Annual Rebuild and Reclaim Enforcement Operation. Our efforts were focused on identifying and arresting the “Pimps” and “Johns” and rescuing the victims of human trafficking.

Using the internet and various other tactics including undercover operations, CHPD made (16) arrests. These arrests included “Pimps” (those who were coordinating the services of victims) and “Johns” (those seeking to take advantage of those victims). Our officers were able to rescue four victims, including one juvenile, in hopes to free them from the criminal activity and or human trafficking.

This operation was in coordination with many agencies throughout California on an effort to identify and rescue commercially, sexually exploited victims of human trafficking and to disrupt the demand of prostitution by targeting the men who seek to victimize other through either soliciting or requesting services of prostitution.

CHPD and the community of Citrus Heights does not tolerate human trafficking and will continue to detect, deter, and hold those accountable for their involvement in prostitution and victimizing our youth.

If you or someone you know needs help or you suspect human trafficking may be occurring, please contact the Citrus Heights Police Department to help us stop human trafficking and rescue those who are victimized.