Transit Study Underway, City Seeks Input

Citrus Heights, CA (MPG)  |  By Jacqueline Fox
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City officials are in the early stages of collecting data and information in preparation for a long-range transit plan for the city, and they want the community’s input as they put it into place.

Working in tandem with representatives from the Sacramento Regional Transit District, city officials will be crafting a Comprehensive Transit Plan or study to help them determine what the best course of action is for laying out a long-range transit network that is both viable and doable, based on the city’s current and future needs.

The city’s study will include the gathering of important data considered critical to making sound decisions in future investments in a transit service that best meets the needs of the community and its residents, according to an announcement released by the city. The city’s transit plan, officials assert, must work to meet not just current, but also future needs of Citrus Heights residents.

Some of the areas of importance that the month’s-long study will include are data on connections to local and regional destinations; connections to other transit services; redevelopment and transportation investments; transit-dependent needs or demands of those who rely only regional and local transit carriers to move around the city; current and future transit demand, as well as data on projected population growth.

The city currently contracts with Regional Transit for its transit services. The study and collection of data is expected to take 10 months and is currently expected to run through February 2018.

Community input for the study is highly desired. Over the course of the next few weeks, the city will be sending out details and updates asking for community feedback on a range of points of concern and study. To play a role in this key part of the city’s future transit network, you can visit and signup for updates and opportunities to submit your input.