Bullies Beware

Citrus Heights, CA  |  By Jacqueline Fox
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“Bullying is becoming an epidemic in our country, no question about it,” said Family Tae Kwon Do founder, Professor Dominic Cirincione. Photo by Jacqueline Fox

Family Tae Kwon Do Plus Plans Anti-Bullying Workshop

Citrus Heights, CA (MPG) - Family Tae Kwon Do Plus is gearing up for its bi-annual Citrus Heights Hyper Bully Defense workshop, part of a world-wide movement against bullying in schools and elsewhere by participating martial arts instructors, taking place simultaneously across the nation throughout October in recognition of “Anti-Bullying Month.”

Family Tae Kwon Do will host a free, two-hour, age-specific defense workshop for kids, teens and their family members, exploring the nature of bullying, ways to recognize it and how to put an end to it. The workshop will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  More than 100 participants are expected.

The anti-bullying and educational event, held twice annually in spring and fall, will teach participants how to defend themselves against bullying, especially bullying in schools, which, according to Hyper Bully Defense, a world-wide network of martial arts professionals and schools working in tandem to spread the word that bullying is a life-threatening, serious and growing epidemic.

“Bullying is becoming an epidemic in our country, no question about it,” said Family Tae Kwon Do founder, Professor Dominic Cirincione.  He said Hyper Bully Defense statistics on bullying show that roughly 100,000 kids miss school every day in the country because they have been bullied or are in fear of being bullied by someone once they get there.  “It’s real. And some cases are even leading to suicides. We have to take this very seriously.”

In fact, Hyper Bully Defense has some rather startling statistics to consider.  For instance, roughly 34 percent of children in America report being bullied on a regular basis. Also, every seven minutes a child is bullied by another student somewhere in the country, equating to roughly nine kids an hour.  Finally, close to 85 percent of bullying incidents happen in secret with no intervention and a vast number of victims do not tell anyone out of fear of reprisal by the bully and or shame.  

“Bullying is a serious and we are going to teach kids and their parents how to do their part to make it stop,” said Cirincione.

The workshops will offer participants physical and mental tools for quickly assessing their surroundings, recognizing a potential bullying scenario and, perhaps most importantly, for carrying themselves with confidence in order to disarm a bully.  Representatives from the Citrus Heights Police Department also will be there to provide educational information about bullying, as well as gun violence and drugs in schools.

 “Nationally the campaign will involve some 800 schools across the country and roughly 12,000 kids,” said Cirincione. “Our workshop will involve reaching out to all Citrus Heights schools and roughly 3,500 students.”

The event is free, open to all, and there will be pizza.  If you can’t make the event but want to learn more, go to Citrus Heights Hyper Bully Defense online, sign up and link to the download for a free, 32-page handbook called “The Parent’s Guide to Bullying.”


Citrus Heights Hyper Bully Defense Workshop
Where: Family Tae Kwon Do Plus
7831 Sunrise Blvd.
When: Saturday, Oct. 14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
(916) 725-3200