Supervisor Susan Peters Updates Community on Parolee Christopher Lawyer

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG)  |  From Susan Peters, District 3 Supervisor

Dear Friends,

This is an update since my community meeting a week ago when many of you in attendance asked me to help the community address the placement of convicted Colorado rapist Christopher Lawyer who was allowed to move to California and take up residence in Carmichael as a parolee under the jurisdiction of the State of California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).  The short answer -- as was reported to you that night -- this individual remains in County Jail for violating his parole conditions.

The next day after the community meeting District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and I along with Phil Brelje (Sheriff Scott Jones' Chief Deputy Sheriff) met with Scott Kernan, Gov. Brown's CDCR Secretary, to discuss how to protect the community.  As explained at the community the night before, as soon as the Sheriff's Department learned about the parolee's presence in Carmichael they investigated and discovered the parolee had violated his conditions of parole, which landed him in jail.  As a result of this violation, the Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's Office and CDCR are working together to continue the investigation into Lawyer's parole status and whether there are other violations of his parole.  He remains in custody pending this continued investigation.

I understand the concern about how this parolee came to be in California and Secretary Kernan explained the parolee's move here was permitted under an interstate compact and Carmichael was allowed because he has a relative here.  The reason no one in the neighborhood was notified about the parolee's presence is that CDCR isn't required to make notifications.  He is now on Megan's List, the registry of sex offenders maintained by the California State Department of Justice, but Secretary Kenan could provide no explanation about the delay in doing so.

The Sheriff's Department and the District Attorney's Office both deserve our thanks for their work in keeping this parolee behind bars and keeping the public safe.  I have been in regular contact with Secretary Kernan and he has assured me that his department is continuing its investigation regarding the parolee.  As soon as I have more information, I will let you know.


Supervisor, Third District

District 3 - Susan Peters