CHPD Arrest Violent Subject

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG)  |  By Citrus Heights Police Department
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32-year-old Jonathan Rykert

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) – On Monday, August 20, 2018 at approximately 9:12 a.m., the Citrus Heights Police Department received a call for service regarding a violation of a court order in the 5800 block of Northgrove Way. The reporting party (RP) stated he had a restraining order against his adult grandson and that his grandson was at the location making threats against his wife. The RP indicated his grandson may be armed with a knife.  The grandson was identified as 32-year-old Jonathan Rykert (See attached photo). Our communication center verified the restraining order protecting the grandparents from Mr. Rykert. Mr. Rykert was also found to be on probation for vandalism, trespassing, resisting a peace officer, and felony evasion in a motor vehicle.

Officers arrived on scene and made visual contact with Mr. Rykert in the backyard of the residence. Mr. Rykert began to make suicidal threats while holding an ice pick to his neck. Mr. Rykert also had two dogs on leashes and was using them as a makeshift shield between him and officers.

Officers were attempting to communicate with Mr. Rykert; however, he was becoming more aggressive and volatile. Although Mr. Rykert knew officers were also inside of the house, he picked up a metal shovel and began to smash the rear sliding glass door in an attempt to gain entry. Officers who were around the perimeter of the home quickly entered the backyard and deployed a kinetic projectile from a less than lethal shotgun.  The deployment was successful and Mr. Rykert was safely taken into custody.

Mr. Rykert sustained only minor injury. He was medically cleared and then booked into jail for misdemeanor violation of a restraining order, felony criminal threats, and violation of probation.

“This situation is a good reminder of the very dangerous situations police officers face every day. I am thankful our officers were not injured and that Mr. Rykert only sustained a minor injury. Our officers attempted to de-escalate the situation; however, Mr. Rykert was determined to not cooperate and chose to become more violent. In this case, our officers were able to set up in and around the house with several different force options.  Although this is always the goal, there are times when the circumstances, including the suspect’s actions, do not afford officers the time to safely do so. I would like to commend our officers for their exceptional work and restraint during this very dangerous call for service.” – Chief Ronald A. Lawrence