Stopping Crime Before It Starts

Citrus Heights, CA (MPG)  |  By Patrick Larenas
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From left to right: Officer James Garing, CSO Larissa Wasilevsky, and Officer Felicia Taylor. Photo courtesy of Citrus Heights Police Department.

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA (MPG) - The Citrus Heights Police Department (CHPD) will be offering a safety training Business Academy for business owners and managers on Thursday, June 20, and Thursday, June 27, from 8 am to 12 noon.

Participants at the Business Academy will receive an introduction to the criminal justice system and learn to deal with and decrease business related crimes. “The Business Academy was created to deal effectively with business related issues and crimes such as shoplifting, theft, homeless loitering and counterfit money,” said Program Coordinator for the Business Academy, Larissa Wasilevsky.

“The program is a way to create partnerships with community business owners, managers and the Police Department. Crime is down overall 10 percent from 2018,” said Wasilevsky, “but we know there are a number of new businesses moving into the city and we want them to be prepared in case a crime happens.”

A wide variety of skilled and experienced crime related instructors will be hosted including:

Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) officer James Garing will be speaking on the subject of firearms and active shooter situations;

Homeless Assistance Resource Team (HART) Navigator Tony Morgan will focus on how to deal with homeless people in business situations and why homelessness happens;

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) specialist Felicia Taylor will deal with neighborhood, location and landscape issues associated with business crime;

Police Dispatcher Mark King will explain to students how to call the Police Department, how to become a good witness, how to describe suspects and other questions when contacting the Police Department.

The deadline to sign up is June 18 and participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Future courses may be offered depending on community interest. To sign up contact Larissa Wasilevsky at (916) 727-5879 or at