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Sacramento Tall Club Takes Friendship to New Heights

Jun 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By By Thomas J. Sullivan

Sacramento Tall Club Banner. Photo by Red Banes/Sacramento Tall Club

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SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - For many of the over eighty members of the Sacramento Tall Club (STC), the year 2022 is a time to celebrate their 40th anniversary, with a fond look back, and an eye out to attract a new generation of younger members who may be looking for a new social outlet.

The Sacramento Tall Club is a social club for men 6’2″ (and taller) and women 5’10” (and taller). STC, founded in 1982, is a member of Tall Clubs International (TCI), an international organization of Tall Clubs.

“We were in our 30s and 40s, just starting out in our professional careers, when STC was founded in the 1980s,” said Harry Leman who handles social media and marketing for STC. Leman has been an STC member since 1989.

“As we have become older, we now want to encourage a new generation to meet other special tall friends.”

“So, it’s time for a reboot. We’ve launched “STC 2.0”, putting the word out through social media that there’s a social club for a new generation of the vertically gifted,” Leman said.

While time and tech may have changed many aspects of the world around us since the 1980s, the physical challenges which often face tall people have not, he said.

“Whether we take a Lyft ride in a compact car with a small back seat, or struggle to find adequate leg room on most commercial airline flights, we’ve all been there,” Leman said.

STC offers its members opportunities to socialize with men and women who share a common physical attribute, being tall. Membership is also an opportunity for professional networking and new friendships from all walks of life, since being tall is all that we have in common, at first meeting. Leman said.

Photos of past STC events can be found on both their Facebook and Meetup pages. A calendar of upcoming events is posted on MeetUp, and prospective members are welcome to join STC members at any event.

“STC is open to both singles and couples. We’re an active group of people who are tall and love getting together and having fun,” said their president, Bob Huggett. “Anyone at least 21 years of age may join if they meet the club’s height requirements.”

“We host events which satisfy the variety of tastes and interests of our members. We try to have get-togethers at fun places such as bar and grills, interesting restaurants, night clubs, and whatever else we can think of that’s likely to be fun and enjoyable,” Huggett said.

“Without the height, we’re just average people, and there’s nothing really special about us. In the club, that’s a common trait we have: We’re all tall,” Huggett said. “It costs nothing to attend your first event, look us up.”

Call the Sacramento Tall Club at (916) 469-8255 to learn more about membership and social events or visit their web page at Search Sacramento Tall Club 2.0 on Google to view a calendar of upcoming social events, Leman said.